Art journaling is…

your thoughts
your feelings
your experiences

expressed visually.

Art journaling is that thing someone said to you yesterday that you can’t stop thinking about (even a day later) — that thing, expressed in images and words.

Or images and no words.
Because sometimes there are no words.
Sometimes there’s just a feeling.

Then, art journaling is taking that feeling, adding a few drops of paint and pushing it around on a page, with a brush.

Or maybe with your fingers.
Because that’s what the feeling needs to dissipate.

Art journaling is meditation.

It’s the space you give yourself to release the day or create the day.

Art journaling is about the journey, not the destination. The pages are complete when you feel like they’re complete.  Or you feel complete.

And like life, they’re not always pretty. Or polite.

Art journaling is whatever’s on your heart, turned into art, tucked into your journal.

It is art, in a journal.